what we do

Providing independent analysis, insight and advice

on Google Analytics and digital marketing campaigns to help you
to smash your digital revenue ambitions.

At Between the Lines we help you to achieve greater performance from your  website – in terms of higher search engine rankings, more traffic, more conversions and more revenue based on real data: your statistics, your competitors performance and your target market behaviour.


If you’re experiencing any of the following – very common – issues, we can help you:

  • Poor search engine rankings (SERP) on Google and Bing organic search – or lack of traffic and revenue from the rankings you do have
  • Ineffective pay per click (PPC) campaigns which are costing more in ad spend than they are generating in profit
  • Poor or lack of conversions in your digital campaigns and your website
  • No clear return on investment from social media activity (be it paid or natural)
  • No focus on attracting the right type of visitors most-likely to spend more with you
  • Lack of online differentiation with your main competitors or doing the same activities as they do


We analyse websites and digital campaigns from different angles to ensure they are fully aligned with your business objectives and your industry. Every aspect of every analysis we do is comprehensive, timely and unbiased.

In addition, we provide independent digital marketing advice and out-of-the-box ideas to improve your website and campaign performance.

What's the value for you?

Our analyses can give you invaluable insight, letting you make the right business decisions.


We can tell you:

  • how your website performs against your competitors' sites
  • how to drive sales and conversions
  • what to improve in your website and campaigns
  • where to invest (paid advertisements, development, etc.)
  • what channels and topics to focus on
  • etc. 


Type of analyses

We cover every analysis related to your website and campaigns, including:

  • keyword analysis 
  • search engine optimisation (SEO) 
  • pay per click (PPC) - Google paid search and display
  • paid social media (ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • web development
  • mobile compatibility
  • lead generation
  • conversion funnels
  • web usability
  • and more


Independence means no bias 

We are an independent consultancy and because we don’t sell any of the traditional services that digital agencies provide, we can tell you how to obtain the best return on investment (ROI) without any bias.

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